Accessible Wellness & Respite
– Gold Coast
Empowering ALL of us
Accessible Wellness & Respite
– Gold Coast
Enabling Smiles
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All Aboard Adventures

All Aboard Adventures, putting a bit of a spin on having fun on and in the water.
No stress, just calm salt air, serene natural beautiful waterways and the saltwater to play around in.

The Gold Coast Broadwater and Moreton Bay is your playground.

Customised with ACCESS as its focus, assisted swim platforms, specialised deck opening for on-board fishing or viewing, widened ramped doorways and a height adjustable helm to have a play at driving (all vessels come with certified and highly experienced Boat Coxswains), in addition we are able to provide highly trained and specialised support workers.


Message to Country

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of all the lands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We honour the sovereign spirit of the children, their families, communities and Elders past, present and emerging. We also wish to acknowledge and respect the continuing cultures and strengths of Indigenous peoples throughout the world.


All Aboard Adventures and AccessCraft 10.0 was designed to enable and empower all of us. Our concept was crafted from life experience gained from everyone who are less abled than others, with the realisation that our society is one of exclusion and we are assisting to change it.

All Aboard Adventures and AccessCraft 10.0 just highlighting the need for all of us to realise, that sooner or later we are all, each one of us, less abled than others, be it from birth, injury, illness or through age.

Yet we are all still the same in needs, wants and desires for a better life, for our family, for our friends, for those dearest to us and ourselves!

Social Inclusion and Access for All is our goal whilst focusing on the life rejuvenating benefits of fun, family, friends, salt air, salt water and serene natural settings we can all access, yeh, all of us.

The crew members at All Aboard all agree, we should take the dis out of disable, and replace it with En.


Enable ourselves

Enable others

Enable to Give, unconditionally

Enable and Innovate

Enable and Empower

Enable everyone to enjoy life