Why We Enable

All Aboard Adventures was designed to provide the amazing healing powers of the salt air and saltwater, to everybody. That’s everybody, if that body works 100% or not.

Whatever our ability, or inability, because let's face it, we are all not as able, as others are, at the same thing, be it typing on a keyboard, talking to a group of people, to understanding coding or robotics.

We all have different abilities, in fact the crew at All Aboard Adventures strongly believe if one of our abilities is weakened or lost, than the rest of our abilities become enhanced.

About us


The crew members at All Aboard all agree, we should take the dis out of disable, and replace it with En.

  • Enable everyone to enjoy life, recover from injury or illness, re-join the workforce.
  • 100% of our crew identifying as Enabled.
  • Enable ourselves
  • Enable others
  • Enable to Give, unconditionally
  • Enable and Innovate
  • Enable and Empower

Our team consists of highly experienced mariners, many with over 30 years experience of defence and public service with extensive maritime backgrounds. Most of our crew members are highly competent instructors themselves in maritime, scuba and community support fields with a life time of knowledge and experience gained on and under the water.

Executive Team

Fun Director – Glen, A Disabled, Indigenous, Military Veteran with a few injuries with the accompanying wear and tear to match, only slightly denting his drive and determination to assist his many community connections. Glen is a highly skilled scuba instructor with over 30 years experience, a highly competent boat skipper and lover of the environment. ``The need to bring more compassion into our communities lives, all peoples lives, one of the many reasons why All Aboard Adventures and AccessCraft exist. Lived experience as disabled with a debilitating somatic nervous system impairment, finding a way to help myself through the miracles of saltwater, meditation and neuroplasticity, a way to help others found me as well. Creating Compassionate Communities via wellness whilst enabling smiles is All Aboards mission, as it is my own``

Health & Safety Director – David, a highly accomplished Senior Health and Safety professional across all industries, including the maritime environment. David is a great team motivator and rises above his own personal and mental health struggles to continue to be a leader in the safety and health profession. A competent boat skipper and crew member, who sometimes dons a wetsuit.

Diving Director – Position to be filled mid November – recruiting in progress. Former defence diving skillset and experience required to fill the role as Diving Director for All Aboard Adventures, Coxswain NC1, Scuba Instructor, First Aid Instructor, Train Assessor (TAE) mandatory requirements for consideration. Training provided for right candidate to upskill certifications.

Enabling Support Director – Bindy, a career spanning over 35 years provides All Aboard Adventures with the professional knowledge to ensure all of our clients days are the most memorable ever. Bindy has her own life struggles that she has overcome and now contributes her time to assisting her local communities in between time with us.

The Crew – Coxswains and crew members – All of our coxswains and crew team members are certified across all maritime skillsets and are required to verify their competency through our rigorous crew member recruitment process. Many are multiskilled, including scuba and support work competencies. Some of the crew in paid positions with many volunteers offering their own expertise to enhance the lives of many.