Unifying our Communities

Every year, All Aboard Adventures through our Leisure Enabling Group of companies provide 100 Days use of everyone of our Accesscraft 10.0, FREE, to registered charitable organisations and worthy causes.

The vessels are a fantastic way to provide wellness tours and conduct your own charitable cause day.

All vessels are provided with a highly trained and experienced vessel master.

All Aboard Adventures are determined to empower individuals by employing 100% of our team from persons who identify as disable. No matter the degree of your disability, if you are determined, self motivated and compassionate than you fit the criteria to become an All Aboard crew member. Contact us today to make change in your life and that of others.

An Employment Action Plan is than formulated to personalise a position within the organisation, based on their higher level abilities, for example, Sharon is confined to a wheelchair due to Cerebral Palsy, yet has a fantastic writing ability so is employed as a casual social media content and blog writer.

All positions have a mandatory ‘giving’ clause, whereby 3 days a year, are ‘giving’ days. Our staff provide volunteer crew to All Aboard and encouraged to volunteer those days for other local charities or causes.