Of course, up to 48 hours’ notice required, however you will always have the option to defer, at the same rate, on another available date within 12 months of purchase. We also understand that lifes challenges can get in the way of a good time, so it is very doubtful we would not refund your purchase in full. First point of contact is your Trip Liaison Officer

No, whoever makes you most cared for however we can supply support and will work in with each individual to ensure the optimum experience is gained for each individual. Support workers are additional cost.

The exact cost of a support worker is directly related to the level of support required. As a guide allow, $30-$95 per support worker, per hour, high level care attracts the higher rate.

The maximum per vessel is 4 plus crew (2D Survey)

Yes, there is a camping style toilet.

Either self managed or plan managed, our services may be covered under NDIS as Innovative Community Participation.

Yes, there is a hot shower onboard, however it is limited to 200 litres, so no long relaxing soaks unfortunately.

The maximum per vessel is 4 plus crew (2D Survey)

Yes, we have all connections to recharge your chair. We do advise on the joining instruction to ensure all essential equipment, including chairs, oxygen, phones and cameras are charged prior to departure. If unsure our Trip Liaison Officer is your first point of contact.

Yes, we have a Fusion Sound System onboard that can connect through to all smart phones and digital devices.

No alcohol is permitted on any of our tours.

Of course you can, contact us via the Expression of Interest form on the Say G’day page. All Aboard have identified areas across the entire Australian and New Zealand continents for our expansion plan and would be happy to guide you in the right direction to build your own communities, or indeed your own or families wellness.