Our Support

Veteran Organisations

Our veteran memberships are open to associations from Defence, Police, Emergency Services and first responders.

We provide a unique tailored experience for the people who provide so much to so many, risking their lives so that the majority of us can get on with living. Many of these former public servants carry emotional scars from their chosen fields.

We provide a unique service to these organisations, providing a purpose designed program to each individual or groups of individuals, consisting of high sensation seeking activities of scuba diving, jetski racing, bushwalking/wheeling with overnight expeditions all from our boats platforms.

These events are designed to bring former serving members together, like minded individuals talking the same speak as it were.

These veteran projects are only arranged from within the veteran association and consist of a partnership of mental health, medical team advice and All Aboard Adventures structured, planned and implemented mission focused environment.

It could also just be 4 old military mates chilling on the boat, fishing, swaging up, tent or sheets and hot showers.  Catering for each individual or group for optimum wellness.

Veteran Support

*From $295 (Free positions available via Veteran Organisations)


  • Unique wellness packages customized to our veteran communities
  • 2 days and a night or 2 including camping and or resort stay.
  • Combining, boating, bushwalking or riding, scuba, fishing as a mission focused experience.
  • Max per tour 12 guests (4 per team)
  • Typical Scenario’s will have guest’s having to locate supplies and all-terrain transport to move to the next activity or phase.
  • Activities may include diving, riding, fishing, rolling, swimming, chilling, smiling, laughing, whilst challenging yourself and your team to find the objective or treasure.