Coronavirus, Stockholm syndrome, social inclusion, suicide, and wheelchair sex

Coronavirus, Stockholm syndrome, social inclusion, suicide, and wheelchair sex

Two words for our societal injustices, in my opinion, a very strong opinion mind you, backed up by many swear words and first hand accounts, two words that both apart and when we join them both together, Social and Inclusion, affect everything that we are, as human beings, the way we are meant to co-exist, the way we are biologically meant to function, limbically resonating with each other and the universe, the way we are best meant to coexist, as one. With each other and our planet.

Lets face it, we are far from a socially inclusive society, in fact, the majority of our planets current populace, this is the first time to witness a global crisis, the only truly globally inclusive event since the Spanish Flu 102 year ago! The Coronavirus pandemic, with its fiction and facts, could provide a catalyst, a unification of our nations, collectively realising that we are all the same, no matter where we sleep each night.

A form of Stockholm syndrome if you like, including the captivity component of threat from our captor, COVID-19.

Lockdowns, national and state border closings, globally, should provide those fully functioning and 100% abled bodied amongst us the experience of what every person who is labelled as disabled experiences on a daily basis. Social Exclusion!

Social exclusion, is our current societal system, loathe as we are to admit it, the truth, non-the-less! To every person who doesn’t fit what most of our societies, by our, I mean just about every nationality in existence, deem as normal.

You know what I mean? or you don’t, until you realise our superficial viewpoint that we take from afar, judging, due to a persons limp, to a persons use of a cane, a person using a wheelchair to mobilise, that persons imperfect speech pattern, a persons stutter, a persons vernacular, that persons eye patch, or that persons eyes that are crossed, that persons missing limb, that persons disfigurement or down to that person wearing a hearing aid or other inherited traits.

Our inabilities, imperfections, that afflict us all, sooner or later, as age will ail all of us. Stop and ponder that thought, next time your climbing those stairs, or walking through an aisle, to crossing the road, going to the beach, going for a swim, bath or bed.

How’s that job, activity or event look if you imagine it using a cane, not being able to see or hear correctly, using a wheelchair to get around.
Something that we rarely, I mean collectively as a society, took notice of when we were designing our homes, modes of transportation, shopping centres, office buildings, entertainment venues, it would seem never based on an ageing population or imperfect individuals modes of mobilisation.
How about modern day tech mobile devices, from first hand experience my arthritic hands and failing eyesight, will, very soon I dare say, require my phone to be a laptop size iPad, to type or read anything coherently, without zooming and reading 4 words before resizing to read another 4, or writing my email and not checking the ineligible ramblings. Lets just say I reckon what I have written up until now on my laptop has taken me 40 minutes, on my phone couple of hours for sure.

And you know what, the sad truth is you will never really understand the extent of our exclusive society unless you are directly impacted in mobility or function yourself. That loss in mobility could be via illness, injury or from birth, the accessibility of many areas of life however remain the same.

From the unbearable, frustrating, impossible and futile would be some of my best words to describe trying to get anywhere in a wheelchair or if your mobility is restricted in any way. Try it for an hour or a day, I recently, well before lockdown, shit 5 months ago, flew to Sydney in a wheelchair I bought the night before, I didn’t need to, I had to experience it, for my limbic resonance and my profound fecundity traits.

Many times in life we are faced with what seems to be enough, enough of input from any source, the external and the soul destroying internalisations. Those times in life that no connection to another human being gives the solace that we are innately made to experience.

Many years ago I was in a very dark place, and getting engulfed in more darkness it would seem, every day, every hour being relentlessly attacked by the unseen neuropathic nerve pain episodes that could last for up to 5 minutes. A lifelong friend, one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, total recall memory. He advised me what I needed, what we all need, in one word, no long rambling, yet 100 percent correct in everything we do, always, never ceasing, and that is people. He meant be social and include more people, get out, meet people, work, volunteer, build friendships and communities. You were right mate!

Well, thanks bud, that’s my take, now anyway, took me many years to realise, or make it fit to who I am today, also thank the many who have made me realise that is exactly what each of us needs. Social Inclusion, starts at the individual, including more people in their lives, creating and supporting their own communities.

Building your own communities, making each individual, each person stronger, more capable, more resilient, from a young age, allowing us all to realise that we are all equal.

Whatever that difference looks like for each individual and for whatever that individual looks like!!

Relationships, social engagement, however, needs to be based on a non-judgemental or stereotypical view of how we ‘should be’, that we have been programmed to believe we should be, more so than ever, with the in hand mobile information manipulated age that we live in to accept as what life should be. From clothes to food, lifestyle and housing, conform or be different.

People, we all need to mix, make a difference, connect, and the most precious time we should do that is when? Its when we want to run off and not speak to anyone, to hide, depressed, frightened of the future. The flipside to mental health, if we all realise, every one of us, that just as we all need to physically connect, we also need our alone and creative thinking time, uninterrupted by dread or outward stresses. Mindfullness, Meditation and dare I say it, masturbation.

If we don’t, as an individual relive our life’s stresses, talk openly about them, with no judgement, if we don’t we will naturally succumb to one of many illness from our toxic society, or take longer to recover, if ever for some, by putting too much stress on our system we invite all that into our lives.

When we disconnect from all of our life’s driving motivations, our existence, such as finances, family, function and fitness we will inevitably look at survival. What now?

Some of us, in our lives, will, due to our own life choices or out of our control, reach the point where ending our life is the only way out.

After 9 months of Neuropathic torture is what took me to ask that question of myself, many times, one I still often ask of myself, these days a motivation question than and endurance of life question to myself. You see the hurt of everyone that you leave behind is multiplied if we take that path, sure I would be at peace, not my family, not my children, not my friends.

Unemployed/Unemployable, young family, chronic pain, multiple injuries, cancer scare, death of my father, death of wife’s mother, labelled disabled, added mental fatigue from Department of Veterans Affairs, new baby. It was more a question of how, I just didn’t think I could go on living, waiting to have that invisible red hot electrified metal BBQ skewer twisted in my foot whenever it wanted, 200 times a day.

So fuck you for judging me, and for me judging myself, incorrectly, that I couldn’t endure, that I couldn’t manage my injuries and my life, that I couldn’t control it.

Because we can! Together!

Now anyone who is mobility impaired can get out on the water, connect with community, connect with country, connect with themselves, which to anyone in a wheelchair is better than sex.

Keep in mind, sex is better on the water!